At football events, target shooting stands are always a classic activity. The Foot Air goals, with their integrated targets, will give you a real challenge and allow you to show everyone how precise your shooting is in a fun environment.

This fun activity assesses the precision with which participants can hit the ball.

Players can challenge each other on an attractive and friendly stand. A classic for all your events!

Compare your shooting power between friends or colleagues with the Foot Air power shot stand.

With a precision of +/- 1km / h, participants can gauge their strength and challenge their loved ones. A radar instantly captures the power of the shots and transmits it live on a screen.

This football animation stand, accessible to all audiences, is a hit on every event.

There are several possible options:

Inflatable football shooting ranges activities


Inflatable football shooting ranges rent


Inflatable football shooting ranges purchase



  • Hand-crafted in France
  • Lenght : 5.5 m
  • Width : 2.05 m
  • Height : 3 m
  • Ultra-fast installation
  • Light PVC-coated material
  • Weight: 275g/m²
  • M1 fire classification
  • Complies with European standards
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Life span > 10 years
  • Advertising insert system

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