Inflatable mini football pitch

1-on-1 or 2-a-side football pitch

Inflatable football arena

The Foot Air mini pitch is a round inflatable structure that is always extremely successful thanks to its street-football look and stand configuration. The Foot Air arena adapts to all kinds of football events, either inside or outside.

Games can be played 1-on1 or 2-a-side, and the atmosphere on the stand is festive as the audience is nearby and the queue is right next to the game.

Mini-pitch football rules are very popular with young participants: 2 goals or a nutmeg to win the match!

Inflatable mini football pitch

Mini 1-on-1 pitch

Personalise the 1-on-1 arena with removable advertising tarps that can be directly mounted onto the mini inflatable football pitch using Velcro straps.

This mini football pitch is a must-have among your football activities!

There are several possible options:


  • Hand-crafted in France
  • Outer diameter: 6.5 m/6.5 m
  • Inner diameter: 5m/5m
  • Ultra-fast installation
  • Light PVC-coated material
  • Weight: 275g/m²
  • M1 fire classification
  • Complies with European standards
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Life span > 10 years
  • Advertising insert system
3D mini-football arena

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